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5 Guilt-Free Steps For Returning To Work After The Baby

live in nanny Returning to work after maternity leave is a challenge most new moms are not always ready to accept. Even if you love your job and love that special time away to yourself, the guilt with leaving your new baby in someone else’s care is enough to leave you in a giant teary mess.  Guilt can be a major concern, but ensuring your newborn is well-cared for will be your top priority.  Here are five guilt-free ways to make the transition from baby to work easier:

1. Set a time to go back to work. This time frame may be set up by your company or by you. Either way, plan the return date and start preparing for it. Don’t count down the days in dread but look forward to a new opportunity in your life. Look forward to the stimulating adult conversation, set schedules and for your brain to function on a business level once again.

2. Decide on childcare. There are many options for childcare once you return to work – a live-in home nanny, a live out nanny, a day care or an in-home day care.  You and your partner could adjust your schedules so one of you is home with the baby or you could lean on your family and friends. Whichever option you choose, make sure you are comfortable with the caregiver and the schedule you have set. Interview your nanny, your family members and always have a backup for when your current childcare option is not available.  If you choose a nanny for childcare, you could create a “transition period” whereby you are still at home but have the nanny come in and start working even if it’s on a part-time basis. A transition period will help the caregiver and baby to get to know each other. As you see your new baby and nanny interacting you can go back to work feeling 100% comfortable that this is the best choice for you and your baby.

3. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Don’t over schedule, over plan and over commit yourself. You are a new mom and you will be up at night with your child, unless your childcare options include a night nurse or a full time night nanny. You need to make sure you can reasonably meet deadlines and that you aren’t pulled in so many directions you can’t even think. It can always help to talk to your boss or manager about your situation. Make sure you don’t get too mushy or emotional, just give them the facts and explain that during your transition you will do your best to get back on top of your game but until then you are open to suggestions and will keep the line of contact open with them.

4. Ask for help. Ask your partner to help with the baby and housework, ask your coworkers for help getting caught up and back in the work mode, ask your nanny or childcare provider for additional hours so you can have you time. You are an emotional new mom, a business woman, an exhausted wife and plethora of other roles, asking for help will help this transition and help you feel like you can and will succeed in all aspects of your new life.

5. Stick with it. It may seem hard at first and you may want to give up every other day, but if you stick with it you can do it. The first few months of anything new are always tough:  think first few days of school, first few weeks of a diet and even the first year of marriage.  All new things were difficult at first, but you made it through and you can make it through this too.

There is always advice to be given by those that have and even haven’t been there but your situation is different; Make sure the options you have work for you. Always make sure you are keeping yourself healthy and don’t be afraid to let some things drop. You can’t be everything to everyone and you can’t do everything, just be you and love that precious baby of yours, you will make it through this.

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